Drop your beat like never before!

We make your jingles flow. We feel in bars, beats and emotions. Let's create the dream sound of your station in a brand new way.

Molecular music production

Our tracks are flexible. Press your buttons whenever you want - you will always get smooth musical transitions.

Multi dimensional jingles

We create your jingles in layers. Let your hosts decide if your music sounds hot or cool - all at the touch of a fingertip.

Download and broadcast

We create not only the music but engineer also the grid - your perfect smart beats for your smart jingle machine.

About us

Find out more about the 4th dimension of music

We let you control your musical flow with a touch of your fingertip. Seamless transitions of your bumpers, musical beds, drop ins and all your musical elements. Custom tailored to your stations needs and todays tight budget targets.

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